Built for Maximum Productivity

Equipped to handle the largest loads, the Doosan® DL580-7 wheel loader allows operators to efficiently fill a 24-ton capacity, over-the-road truck in just two passes. The larger load capacity reduces cycle times and makes this a perfect machine for heavy-duty jobs.
The DL580-7 also has an enhanced front work group that features a reinforced Z-bar, larger-profile arm and lift cylinder geometry that improves lifting capacity. This model is built for mining and aggregate work as well as heavy-duty construction jobsites.
Options include a quick coupler, additional larger counterweight and Load Isolation System (LIS) and a high-lift option.

The Doosan Smart Load weighing system measures the weight of material in the bucket.

Heavy-Duty Components for Heavy-Duty Work

The DL580-7 was redesigned with reinforced components to withstand the most rugged work. Strong axles offer better braking capacity to extend the lifetime of the discs. Outboard brakes are located in final reduction where the rotation speed is lower, greatly extending the lifetime of the brake discs. Optimal radiator fin spacing helps clear debris to minimize machine downtime.

A hydraulically driven reversible fan, reinforced box frame with an articulating design and large center bearings and self-centering, double-tapered roller bearings provide additional strength and reliability. The bearings have dust seals and covers and are vented to prevent grease overfill.

Comfortable Control

Frequently used controls are located for easier, more intuitive use. The upgraded heating and cooling system has new outlet locations to optimize airflow, and leg room has increased.

For improved visibility from the cab, the total glass area is 14% larger than prior models and a full glass door improves visibility on the left side. Large mirrors extend the operator’s view to the side and rear of the machine, and optional LED work lights are available. A rearview camera provides an additional view of the machine’s surroundings and appears on the Doosan Smart Touch display.

The display shows all important settings and information, including the view from the rearview camera.

The Doosan Smart Key fob unlocks the cab and allows push-button starts.

Easy Loader Maintenance

Maintenance is quick and easy on the DL580-7 wheel loader. It features easy-reach oil sampling and pressure test ports and engine and coolant drains.

DoosanCONNECT® Telematics helps you monitor your Doosan equipment and manage maintenance to reduce operating costs — and is a standard feature on all -7 Series wheel loaders.

The standard automatic lubrication system improves machine reliability and saves daily maintenance time.

Designed for Improved Efficiency.

The DL580-7 offers a variety efficiency features, including Situation Awareness Technology (SAT) 2.0, standard auto-idle and auto-shutdown features, and a Smart Guidance System that helps operators use the machine more efficiently.

Three engine power modes are available: Economy to save fuel, Normal for optimized fuel usage and Power for demanding tasks. And automatic transmission modes shift gears at just the right point to maximize efficiency.

To comply with Tier 4 emissions standards, the DL580-7 incorporates a high-pressure common-rail (HPCR) fuel delivery system as well as cooled exhaust gas recirculation (CEGR), combined with a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and selective catalyst reduction (SCR) with diesel exhaust fluid (DEF).

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