Customer Stories
Keith Radford
Keith Radford needed a fleet of trucks. He took a chance on Doosan. His four DA30-5 articulated dump trucks “have proven themselves 100 percent,” Keith says. So he ordered four more. See why Keith "is going orange because of Doosan.
Rob Ratoskey and Ray Trainor
From demolition to stone mining and recycling, Rob Ratoskey and Ray Trainor do it all. And their company, Ratoskey and Trainor, does it all with Doosan®. Their fleet includes over 15 Doosan excavators, wheel loaders and articulated dump trucks – all of which hold up to diverse, rough-and-tumble work. "The value is in no down time," Ray says. "We don't miss a beat and we don't miss a day."
Lance Turgeon
Forestry isn’t a business for the faint of heart — or for faint machines. Ontario’s Foleyet Timber 1986 LTD. trusts Doosan deep in the Canadian wilderness, where its top-line team of excavators, dump trucks, wheel loaders, and log loader keeps workers comfortable, focused and efficient.
Mike Macura
Excavating specialist Mike Macura, owner of Macura Excavating, built his business from the ground up. He depends on reliable and durable Doosan equipment to grow his company. Mike stocks his earthmoving equipment fleet with Doosan machines to ensure he stays on schedule on construction projects in Massachusetts and the surrounding areas.
Artie Allen
Doing work right the first time and doing it safely are high priorities for Arthur "Artie" Allen, owner of A.W.A. Contracting Company, Inc. Doosan excavators and wheel loaders play an important part of the contractor’s success at excavating projects in the Jacksonville, Florida, area.
Matt Quinnell
When it comes to building elaborate retaining walls, Matt Quinnell of Advanced Wall Structures is an expert. Equipped with Doosan excavators and grapple attachments, Matt skillfully places boulders to construct walls in new residential areas.
David Lauzon
A transition to Doosan equipment means Lauzon Contracting not only finishes excavating jobs on time, but they are also often ahead of schedule. Working as the team, the Lauzon family – David, Nancy, and Tia Olsen – doesn’t have to worry about their Doosan machines breaking down on the job. With plenty of power and reach, Doosan excavators stand out on Lauzon Contracting job sites.
Jon Wybar
A passion for helping the environment by diverting construction waste from sanitary landfills turned Jon Wybar into an aspiring recycling entrepreneur. Helped by a fleet of 26 Doosan® machines, Revolution Recovery has three locations where construction materials are sorted and recycled. Doosan excavators and wheel loaders easily handle the material to sustain the company’s success.
Bill George
After an accident took him away from construction, Bill George, owner of Bill George’s Dump Truck & Loader Service, made a comeback to start another company. He built his business around strong and dependable Doosan® equipment. Today, he specializes in demolishing homes in the Phoenix area, using a Doosan excavator for the demo and a wheel loader to grade and prep for a new home.
Gary Shepherd
The color of your equipment doesn’t matter very much; however, dealer support is a game-changer. That’s the biggest reason Gary Shepherd of Shepco, Inc. purchased five Doosan crawler excavators and four Doosan wheel loaders. While investing in a relatively new brand of equipment might have seemed like a risk, the decision was easy once he considered long-term reliability and dealer support.
Denise and Mark Houghtaling
Organic composters, Denise and Mark Houghtaling, were strictly Case® customers for more than 15 years. That is until their dealer suggested giving a Doosan machine a try. After a few hours, they were ready to switch. Now they own three DX225LC-5 and DX300LC-5 crawler excavators.
Lane Greco
Like many self-made contractors, Lane Greco from Belle Chase, LA relies on his machines and dealer support to take on challenging jobs. But when another brand let him down, he decided to make a switch to a Doosan crawler excavator. Now he’s thrilled to be demolishing structures and clearing away debris from inside the cab of his DX300LC-5.
John Caravella
Anyone that demolishes structures for a living knows how important it is to have a powerful, comfortable machine at your disposal. That’s why John Caravella – the owner of Caravella Demolition LLC – says he loves his Doosan crawler excavator. After a rough time trying to find the right yellow machine, he decided to give Doosan a try. Now he’s a self-proclaimed customer for life.
Oscar Orduno
When building retention systems alongside highway expansions and bridge projects, you need hustle. That’s one reason why Oscar Orduno and his business in Irving, TX chose Doosan. Hear how Doosan excavators and loaders save him money and why his crew loves them.
Chris Loehmer
You need powerful equipment, manufacturer support and a reliable dealer to be productive and profitable. Chris Loehmer, co-owner of Loehmer Ag Products, has all three. His Doosan loaders and six excavators help equipment operators finish a variety of jobs, including dairy farm construction, demolishing structures and dredging debris from rivers.
Stuart Perry
Quarries put rugged equipment to the ultimate test. At Crockett Sand and Gravel Inc., Stuart Perry has been using Doosan equipment since the early 1990s. The foreman and his crew depend on a Doosan DL450-5 loader and a DA40-5 articulated dump truck because of their durability, helping them prepare aggregate for customers in eastern Texas.