1977 - Created a construction equipment division now called Doosan Infracore.

1978- Produced and shipped the first Doosan excavator.


1985- Developed Doosan branded "SOLAR" excavator series.

1987- Accumulated production of excavators exceeded 10,000 units.

1989- Participated in Bauma 1989 exhibition with 9 excavator models.


1990- Established Doosan Infracore Europe S.A. in Belgium 1992 - Began to produce wheel loaders Established hydraulic machinery and tools factory.

1993- Began to produce third-generation solar excavators 1994 - Received ISO 9001 certification Established Doosan Infracore China Corporation (DICC) Exported excavators techniques to TING MING company in Malaysia Established overseas subsidiaries in US (DIA) and UK (EDUK).

1995- Established overseas subsidiaries in Japan (DCMC), Germany (DMV)m and Australia (DHIAU).

1996- Production of excavators exceeded 400 units per month.

1997- Began to produce solar-v series excavators Received ISO 14001 certification Established reliability research center.

1999- Received International Certificate of Noise Assessment for Construction Equipment (DIN EN 45001).

Early 2000's

2000- Began to produce MEGA-V series loaders.

2001- Received International Certificate of European Noise Regulations (Directive 2000/14/EC, Annex VIII)s Selected as the "World's Best Item" in Industry and Energy by the Ministry of Commerce.

2002- Global sales reach 80,000 units globally. Wheel Loader OEM supply agreement between Daewoo and John Deere.

2003- Received ISO 9001:2000 and KSA 9001:2001 certifications with OEM supply agreement between Daewoo and Terex.

2004- Doosan Construction Equipment reached $500 million in exports DHI Yantai Corporation in China produced over 10,000 excavator units.

2005- Began to produce the fourth generation excavators Consolidated construction business units with Doosan Corporate and renamed to Doosan Infracore Launched the DX excavator and DL wheel loader series.

2006- Established the subsidiary Doosan Infracore China Investment Company, Ltd. Exceeded 30,000 units of production in DICC.

Late 2000's

2006- Established the subsidiary Doosan Infracore China Investment Company, Ltd. Exceeded 30,000 units of production in DICC.

2007- Established Doosan Infracore International, Inc. (DII) Founded Doosan Infracore Shangdong, Ltd. (DISD) Acquired Ingersoll Rand's compact equipment unit along with two other business units which include Bobcat, Portable Power, and attachments - Bobcat has the world's highest level of competitiveness in the field of compact construction equipment - Doosan Infracore rocketed to seventh overall global manufacturer of heavy construction equipment with the acquisition of Bobcat in November Awarded the US $2 Billion Export Tower on Trade Day.

2008- Acquired Moxy, a large Norwegian dump truck company Established a wheel loader factory in Korea.


2010- Launched Global Doosan Infracore Construction business alliance Established Gun-san factory in Korea.

2011- In Doosan Infracore China Corporation (DICC), excavator production exceeded 100,000 units.

2016- Doosan Bobcat Inc. successfully completed its Initial Public Offering (IPO) and is publically listed on the Korea Stock Exchange in Seoul, South Korea.

2018- Established Doosan Infracore North America in Suwanee, Ga as the North American headquarters for the construction business unit separate from Doosan Bobcat Inc.