Smart X-Care™ Service
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Smart X-Care Machine Monitoring
Let us do the work for you to help protect your equipment investment. Doosan Smart X-Care™ service gives you peace of mind knowing our experienced team is tracking your machine telematics and providing recommendations.
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The Smart Solution for Tracking Equipment Telematics

Smart Advice, Real-time Monitoring
Our knowledgeable team of heavy equipment specialists actively track your machine telematics from our secure, state-of-the-art machine monitoring center. They interpret the data in real time, recommend action and deliver reports.
Smart Time and Money Savings
Stay focused on your business while we work to protect your equipment investment. We’ll monitor your equipment, contact your dealer for maintenance or fault code service and provide recommendations. Helping you save time and money.
Smart, Affordable Investment
Smart X-Care offers automatic protection for your Doosan equipment to help minimize downtime. Pay just $19.99 a month per machine — or get a six-month free trial with a new equipment purchase. It pays for itself in uptime and peace of mind.

How Doosan Smart X-Care Works

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Coordinated Equipment Care
Once your subscription is activated, the Smart X-Care team will immediately begin monitoring your equipment. The team will facilitate prompt communication between you and your local dealer to ensure top-level service and care for your machine.
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Machine Alert Received

Your equipment is monitored for critical machine fault codes, upcoming/overdue maintenance and warranty expirations. When an alert is triggered, messages are sent to you and your dealer; including any immediate action needed to prevent machine damage.

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Dealer Contacts You

The machine alert sent to your dealer includes your provided contact information, the triggered fault code or maintenance alert and a troubleshooting guide. The dealer will contact you promptly to talk about the issue and work to resolve it.

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Service Is Scheduled

You and your dealer will work together to determine the best time and place to service your equipment if needed. You’ll get added peace of mind knowing your dealer is there to help protect your investment and quickly address any machine issues.

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DoosanCONNECT Telematics
Smart X-Care is backed by DoosanCONNECT® telematics. This powerful system, a standard feature on most Doosan equipment, provides access to vital equipment data that helps you maintain your equipment, reduce the risk of equipment theft and identify ways to work more efficiently.
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FREE TRIAL With New Machine Purchase
A six-month free trial of the Smart X-Care service is included with the purchase of new Doosan equipment. Contact your local Doosan dealer for details on how you can try this new service for free.
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Smart X-Care subscriptions are available for Doosan machines equipped with DoosanCONNECT TMS 3.0 or higher. Four plans are available with no contract required at just $19.99 a month per machine.

Sign up today and get peace of mind knowing our experts are monitoring your machine’s performance and working with your local dealer to protect your investment and your uptime.

You can select month-to-month coverage with re-enrollment required each month. Or choose convenient annual, 3-year or 5-year plans to reduce the need for frequent re-enrollment.

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