Transparent Bucket
See through the bucket on your -7 Series wheel loader to improve productivity with exclusive technology from Doosan.
Improve Visibility and Productivity
The Transparent Bucket option offers a supplemental view from a monitor inside the cab. With an unobstructed view in front of the wheel loader bucket, operators can see objects or challenging terrain, enabling them to be more efficient and productive in their work.
See Hidden Objects
Adding the Transparent Bucket to a Doosan -7 Series wheel loader allows operators to see large rocks, construction materials, obstacles and even people in front of the machine — objects that would otherwise be obstructed from view by the bucket.
Minimize Blind Areas
This multiple-camera system is an innovation in construction equipment technology, helping minimize blind spots that occur when the wheel loader bucket is raised. Operators can see what’s ahead from the in-cab monitor.
Operate More Confidently
The ability to “see-through” the wheel loader bucket allows operators to efficiently dig into and precisely place material where it needs to go. This innovative technology helps maximize productivity on the most challenging job sites.
How It Works
Doosan-exclusive technology offers two cameras with protective guarding, one mounted high and one mounted low on the front of the machine. The system’s processor automatically adjusts the camera inputs into a single image that makes the bucket appear transparent on an in-cab monitor.
Doosan -7 Series wheel loader dumping material from the bucket
Technologies Help You Work Smarter
Doosan -7 Series wheel loaders offer a long list of other innovative technologies to improve efficiency and productivity on today’s complex jobsites, including Situation Awareness Technology (SAT), Smart Guidance System, DoosanCONNECT® telematics, Load Isolation System and more.
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