• 1/26/2022
  • By Doosan Infracore North America LLC

Business: Canby Landscape Supply
In business since: 1981
Location: Canby, Oregon
Doosan equipment: DL320-7 and DL300-5 wheel loaders
Doosan dealer: Feenaughty Machinery

Tommy LaLonde previously worked as a general manager for a large concrete supplier. Now, in his “retirement job,” he oversees day-to-day operations at Canby Landscape Supply in Canby, Oregon.

Although he jokes about being a “yellow iron” guy, you wouldn’t know it now with the Doosan® orange equipment at this landscape supply business. The company’s relationship with Doosan and the local dealer started with renting a Doosan excavator. That led to the purchase of two Doosan wheel loaders, including a new DL320-7 in summer 2021. Tommy and the operators are pleased with the support from Feenaughty Machinery, particularly from a sales and service perspective. And it doesn’t hurt that the dealership is minutes away from the company so parts are readily available.

According to Tommy, the operators were satisfied with the company’s first Doosan wheel loader — the DL300-5 — and they still are. But having spent time in the machine’s successor, the DL320-7, they appreciate the many new wheel loader enhancements.

“Talking with the crew,” Tommy says, “they believe the DL320-7 is more operator-friendly than our DL300-5. They say there is more information available at their fingertips. They like the new readouts on the touch screen display in the cab. They also tell me the DL320-7 is more stable than our DL300-5,
and they call the components ‘heavy-duty.’”

Full-Service Supplier

Canby Landscape Supply is a compost material company and a supplier to homeowners, landscapers and public works departments. The firm sells aggregates, stone, compost, bark — any material that would be needed for landscaping.

The company has been in business for more than 40 years and uses a variety of construction equipment to handle their materials. Throughout the composting process, the Doosan wheel loaders help fill the compost turners and trommels for making compost and topsoil. A requirement of any construction equipment at the facility is good visibility from inside the machine’s cab.

“We work in the same yard as the customers who are coming in to pick up their materials,” Tommy says. “The need for visibility is a safety issue. “We want to be able to see around the machine. The ability to use the rearview camera improves visibility and helps with the safety of our employees.”

The redesigned cab of the -7 Series wheel loaders has a total glass area that is 14% larger. Also, a full glass door improves visibility on the left side. Tommy and his operators have noticed the difference between their -5 and -7 Series wheel loaders. He says the operators have told him they have enhanced visibility in the new DL320-7, which can make a big difference in their line of work, particularly when they’re loading trucks.

Canby Landscape Supply purchased the DL320-7 wheel loader with a light-material rollout bucket. At their facility, operators use the DL320-7 to load aggregate, compost and bark dust, and Tommy says one bucket scoop will fill the bed on most trucks.

“The rollout bucket gives us the additional reach and height we need when loading our processing equipment and walking floor semi-trucks,” Tommy says.

In addition to the bucket, the company regularly switches attachments to a pallet fork for loading and unloading palletized materials. Thanks to the machine’s optional hydraulic quick coupler, wheel loader operators can quickly change attachments. Albeit a few minutes of savings for each attachment change, that time adds up and is worth the cost of the machine option.

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Talking with the crew, they believe the DL320-7 is more operator-friendly than our DL300-5. There is more information available at their fingertips.
Tommy LaLonde, General Manager


Yellow was Tommy LaLonde’s preferred color for heavy construction equipment. That is, until he had the opportunity to try a Doosan® machine. He says one of the significant differences between his prior equipment and today’s Doosan machines is fuel consumption. “The Doosan machines get much better fuel efficiency than our previous equipment,” Tommy says.