• 7/23/2019

Adding a new Doosan machine to your fleet? Opt for an extended warranty for greater peace of mind. The Doosan Protection Plus extended warranty can help protect cash flow from unplanned expenses so you can continue focusing on the job at hand – and the next job, and the next. Read on for some more ways an extended warranty plan could benefit your business.

1. Customizable warranty plan

The Protection Plus extended warranty goes well beyond the scope of the standard Doosan factory warranty of 12 months or 1,500 hours (2,000 hours for articulated dump trucks). You’ll be able to choose from 72 different plans and gain up to 24 to 60 months or 2,000 to 7,500 hours of protection against defects in materials and workmanship.

2. Reduced repair costs

An extended warranty greatly reduces your financial risk by providing a comfortable shield of protection against repair expenses. The policy also covers the cost of parts and labor – no deductible required. Yep, that’s a $0 deductible.

3. Doosan-backed parts and service

Doosan has confidence in its products, and we stand behind them with the Protection Plus extended warranty. A covered machine can be serviced by any Doosan dealer in the U.S. and Canada, and you’ll rest easy knowing that only qualified Doosan technicians will service your equipment.

4. Higher resale value

If you opt for a Protection Plus warranty and you happen to sell your machine, any remaining warranty coverage can be transferred to the new owner for a minimal fee. Even if the policy has expired, you’ll likely get a higher sale price for a machine that’s been previously covered.
Potential buyers view equipment with prior warranty coverage as having added value because it suggests that the original owner – you – provided superior care and maintenance.

What does an extended warranty cover?

The ins and outs of an extended warranty depend on the specific plan you choose. The most popular plan with Doosan customers – the full-machine coverage plan – offers three-year, 5,000-hour coverage onall components listed under the powertrain and powertrain plus hydraulics plans, plus the following components:


Air intake hose
Cold start enrichment systems
Diesel exhaust fluid tank and dispensing system
Diesel particulate filter (DPF)
Engine components covered after emissions warranty
Engine mounts and supports
Engine oil lines
Engine speed controls and linkages
Fan and fan drive
Filter mount
Fuel lines
Fuel tank
Fuel transfer pump and gasket
Oil filler tubes
Pressure/temperature sensors and sending units
Sensors, solenoids and wiring harnesses used in these systems
Water piping
Water pump


Cross relief valve
Priority valve
Secondary steering system components


Brake accumulator
Brake pump
Brake valve
Pressure reducing valve
Unloading valve


Accumulator and related relief valves
Control rods
Differential lock valve and associated parts
Disconnect levers and handles
Filler tubes
Filter screens
Levers and pedals
Oil cooler
Pneumatic valves
Sending units and sensors
Shift control linkage
Undercarriage roller and idler seals and bearings
Undercarriage tensioner (Undercarriage exclusions: sprockets, tracks, pads, bolts and chains.)


Electronic joystick * Wiring harnesses; (Excludes rubbing, chafing, loose or corroded connections.)
Electronic motors
Factory installed electronic controllers
Solenoid valves
Starter solenoid
Voltage regulator


Clutch and pulley
Expansion valve
Heater core
Hoses (excludes rubbed, ripped, torn, cut or pinched failures)
Seals and gasket
Temperature control programmer and valves


Bucket linkage
Engine frame
Excavator arm and linkage
Excavator boom
Loader boom
Track frames

What isn’t covered by the Protection Plus extended warranty?

The Protection Plus extended warranty does NOT cover the following items:

Maintenance items, such as oil, filters and batteries
Miscellaneous items, such as lamps and bulbs
Rental and downtime expenses
Wear items, such as tires and tracks

You can purchase Protection Plus extended warranty coverage for up to 12 months after taking delivery of a Doosan machine. Talk to your local dealer to receive a quote and for assistance on choosing the best coverage plans for your equipment.