• 5/31/2022
  • By Doosan Infracore North America LLC

Introducing the Doosan -7 Series Crawler Excavators


A Doosan DX350LC-7 Series crawler excavator empties a bucket of dirt.

Next-generation equipment that solves the challenges of today and tomorrow. Available now: Doosan® -7 Series crawler excavators.

Innovative Doosan -7 Series crawler excavators deliver the smart technology features and machine functions needed to conquer the work of today and break through the barriers tomorrow brings.

This new lineup delivers market-leading features, smart technologies, enhanced durability and common controls. The result? A new level of operator comfort and productivity.

Here are five common jobsite problems addressed by the new -7 Series crawler excavators.


1. Operator Comfort

Operator comfort was top of mind when designing the -7 Series crawler excavators. With easy-to-use controls, updated seating, improved floorspace and increased cab space, these excavators provide best-in-class comfort.

The Smart Touch display and joysticks give operators easy, intuitive control when operating the machine and attachments. Operators will have an expansive view of the worksite, a rear sun visor and easy access to the storage compartments behind the seat. These compartments include a cool and warm box.

The inside of a DX350LC-7 Series crawler excavator, featuring the seat and operator controls.


2. Diesel Consumption

Excavator fuel consumption is always top of mind. That’s why the -7 Series lineup includes updates to improve excavator efficiency and lower diesel consumption.

These efficiency updates include auto-idle to save fuel and reduce noise, along with a Doosan exclusive feature, Smart Power Control. Smart Power Control enhances fuel efficiency by reducing engine speed in the low load range to an appropriate level through variable engine speed control.

Additionally, select models include the Doosan exclusive D-ECOPOWER system, which improves productivity and saves fuel.

The resulting efficiency reduces fuel consumption and improves productivity substantially. Improved feedback through the controls results in an outstanding level of operator comfort and much smoother machine management.

The -7 Series lineup also includes the Electronic Power Optimizing System (EPOS). This system works in conjunction with the engine control unit (ECU) to monitor and optimize machine performance for increasing productivity while reducing fuel consumption.


3. Short Deadlines

Lift more weight and meet shorter deadlines with -7 Series crawler excavators. These excavators are designed and tested to maximize lifting capability.

The standard counterweight provides improved machine stability when using heavier attachments. With an optimal swing radius, lift height and tilt position, operators can lift and place loads and dig with greater productivity.

4. Tight Jobsites

When operating in a tight work area, visibility is crucial. The optional 360-degree all-around view monitoring (AVM) camera system displays a full view of the machine’s surroundings, giving operators greater confidence.

Five unique visual perspectives can be seen from the separate AVM monitor*: top view, rear view, top+right view, rear+corner view and 3D view.
*Reduced tail swing models display the view from the Smart Touch display.


The screen of a 360-degree-all-around view monitoring camera system.

5. Work Efficiency

Working in tandem with the Smart Touch display are the select power modes and programmable joystick control switches. These options give operators more control over the excavator’s performance. For the -7 Series crawler excavators, there are four power modes available. The four working modes are designed to help operators work more efficiently in different applications and job conditions. Based on the specific working conditions, an operator is able to manage the balance of fuel consumption and machine power to their liking.

The four modes include power+ mode for severe digging, power mode for very deep trenching and top loading, standard power for general digging and pipe laying, and economy mode to maximize controllability and fuel consumption.

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