• 10/6/2022
  • By Doosan Infracore North America LLC


A screen view of the machine guidance and control feature for the Doosan DX225LC-7X crawler excavator.

The first-ever smart excavator from Doosan delivers more technology to enable more productivity on your jobsites.

The latest innovation, the Doosan DX225LC-7X hydraulic excavator, delivers smart technologies that make it easier for novice operators to work like seasoned pros.

Here are five new technologies that support precision, safety and productivity on this new machine.

High Precision With Grade Assist Mode

The fully electrohydraulic control system on the DX225LC-7X crawler excavator enables advanced machine guidance and machine control systems, including 2D and upgradable 3D grading systems.

This technology includes the following:

  • Programmable joystick switches for ease of operation
  • Fully electronic joystick
  • Swinging sensor
  • Equipment sensors on the boom, arm, bucket and upper body, including a laser catcher

This system allows the machine to provide supplementary assistance with precision functions and tasks.

For operators, this results in a game-changing improvement in productivity and efficiency.

“You don’t need a very skilled excavator operator if they understand how to set the machine guidance system,” says Joel Escalante, senior product specialist, Doosan Infracore North America.

“Feedback from contractors who tried the guidance system has been very positive. They like how fast they can set the system, and call it user-friendly.”

Faster Cycle Times With Fine Swing Function

The excavator’s fine swing function minimizes the shaking of a lifted object that occurs at the end of the swing movement. Use it for greater control and accuracy in certain lifting applications.

This excavator feature improves safety in pipe laying and maintains the bucket heap to maximize productivity.

A view of the fine swing feature for the Doosan DX225LC-7X crawler excavator.


Improve Productivity: Virtual Wall Setting

DX225LC-7X excavator operators can improve safety and productivity with the virtual wall setting. The setting is designed for arm out plus ceiling and floor limits to work in confined spaces.

“If the DX225LC-7X operator has obstacles on either side of the excavator, he can set the limits and the machine won’t swing past that point,” Escalante says.

A view of how the virtual wall setting works for the Doosan DX225LC-7X crawler excavator.


Remove Guessing With Onboard Weighing System

Be confident about how much material you’re loading in a truck with the onboard weighing system. This technology measures and displays the material in the excavator bucket. You can monitor the totals on the Doosan Smart Touch display.

A view of the weighing system for the Doosan DX225LC-7X crawler excavator.


Lift Assist Mode Improves Safety

Lift with confidence when you activate the lift assist mode for the DX225LC-7X. Lift assist mode monitors the weight in the excavator’s bucket, calculates the tipping load and alerts operators to improve safety.

“Excavators are regularly used to lift or crane objects on jobsites,” says Escalante. “This new technology removes the guessing when lifting objects, and it can reduce concerns by operators about tipping the machine if the object is too heavy.”

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You don’t need a very skilled excavator operator if they understand how to set the machine guidance system.

You don’t need a very skilled excavator operator if they understand how to set the machine guidance system."
Joel Escalante, Senior Product Specialist, Doosan Infracore North America