• 12/1/2020

Need to lower your cost per ton? Consider a 5-cubic-yard bucket on an 80-ton excavator. Case in point: the DX800LC-7 can fill the 45-ton DA45-5 ADT in four or five passes. To maximize your profitability, the DX800LC-7 is designed to reduce cost of ownership, protect uptime and boost productivity.

Longer-Lasting Boom Pins

The DX800LC-7 has a double boom foot design that spreads the stress equally throughout the boom. With this design, individual pins wear more evenly and last longer.

3 Arm Configurations

You can order the DX800LC-7 with either a standard, long or mass-excavation boom. The shorter mass-excavation boom gives you greater digging force for tough mining tasks.


Uptime-Saving Slew Bearing

The crossed design of the slew bearing helps prevent uneven wear and extends the life of the bearing.


Smoother Hydraulics and Reduced Fuel Consumption

D-ECOPOWER, a proprietary Doosan technology, outputs the exact amount of hydraulic oil needed for a task, making the controls more responsive and saving fuel.


Swing Modes Adjust to the Task

The DX800LC-7 offers a “boom priority mode” and a “swing priority mode.” These modes direct hydraulic power where it is most needed based on the task. Boom priority mode is best for 90-degree loading (dig over front, dump over side). Swing priority mode is ideal for 180-degree loading (dig over front, dump over rear).


8-Inch, Easy-to-Operate Touch Screen

The touch-screen vividly displays machine vitals so you can easily see how hard the machine is working.


Increase Jobsite Safety With Optional 360-Degree, All-Around Cameras

Multiple cameras and sensors work together to provide a bird’s-eye view of the excavator and objects on the jobsite around it.


Customizable Shortcut Button on Joystick

Press a joystick button to control wipers, audio mute, camera or optional Intelligent floating boom.


Reliable Power

The Mechanical Actuated Electronically Controlled Unit Injection (MEUI) delivers consistent power generating 548 hp at 1800 rpm.


Visit your nearby Doosan dealer to ask about scheduling a demo of the new DX800LC-7.