• 6/3/2020
  • By Doosan Infracore North America LLC

Our newest wheel loader, the DL580-5 offers you a true two-pass fill for over-the-road, 24-ton capacity trucks. Expect improved operational efficiency and reduced load-out cycle times.

Built to Carry More

The newest wheel loader in our lineup is designed to help you complete your mining, aggregate or construction jobs faster. The DL580-5 wheel loader is a true two-pass fill model and fits nicely above the DL550-5 for heavy-duty tasks.

As the largest Doosan wheel loader, the DL580-5 offers a range of benefits that help you improve efficiency. With the noticeable size increase, it can help you boost productivity and get more material moved in fewer trips.

The DL580-5 offers all the features and benefits that you expect from Doosan, including high performance, cab comforts and easy maintenance. A robust front work group features a reinforced Z-bar, a larger profile arm and an adjusted lift cylinder geometry. These components work together to deliver improved lifting capacity and performance.

Heavy-Duty Lifting

This new model has a lot to offer in its design. It also comes with a variety of bucket options.

Along with the traditional buckets, there are three new aggregate buckets that are the perfect companions to the DL580-5. The aggregate buckets are available in 8, 9 and 10.3 cubic-yard capacities.

The new buckets can help you move more material, and they hold up to the abrasive aggregate material it is hauling. Made with high-strength alloy steel, they are designed to allow for 110% overfill. These features make them ideal for hauling material with wetter substrate.

Overall, our new model will help you accomplish your next big job with ease. The DL580-5 offers a smart blend of robust components and strategic design. It is sure to be your new favorite piece of machinery.

Learn more by visiting our DL580-5 wheel loader page, or contact your local dealer.