• 1/13/2023

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A new construction equipment monitoring service aimed at minimizing machine downtime is now available for new Doosan machines and machines with the current DoosanCONNECT Telematics management system. It’s called Smart X-Care fleet management.

With Smart X-Care, Doosan equipment owners can receive remote equipment monitoring from the experts at Doosan and your local dealer.

We asked Doosan Telematics Manager Stojan Arezina to break down Smart X-Care telematics monitoring and its benefits to Doosan heavy equipment owners.

Doosan Infracore North America Telematics Manager Stojan Arezina

Smart X-Care Q&A: Remote Monitoring Telematics


Q: What is telematics?

A: Telematics is a technology that enables remote data sharing via satellite and/or cellular networks. Many industries, including the construction equipment industry, use telematics to collect data that benefits customers.

Doosan offers DoosanCONNECT Telematics on its heavy equipment and mini excavators. The DoosanCONNECT system allows for remote machine monitoring and provides information to owners about the status of their machines, such as the location and if there are any issues to be corrected.


Q: How is the telematics data transmitted?

A: Telematics hardware is installed on heavy equipment and mini excavators. The machine data is transmitted to the equipment owner through cellular or satellite service. Once received, the data is shared simultaneously with a local dealer. A dealer can review the data with equipment owners and provide strategic recommendations to improve the life of the equipment and help save costs on inputs like fuel. A dealer can also provide information such as when a machine warranty may be coming due.


Q: What is Smart X-Care fleet management?

A: Smart X-Care fleet management takes remote monitoring telematics to the next level. Smart X-Care is a subscription-based telematics monitoring service that is supported by a new machine monitoring center located at the Doosan headquarters in Georgia.


Q: What happens at the machine monitoring center?

A: Doosan employees track a subscriber’s machine in real time for critical machine fault codes, upcoming or overdue service and warranty expirations. When a machine displays a fault code, the system sends messages via email to the machine owner and their dealer. Equipment owners can also opt in to receive push notifications on their smartphone through the DoosanCONNECT Telematics app.


Q: What kind of info will the service provide?

A: The email notification will alert owners to any immediate action that needs to be taken to prevent potential machine damage. For example, an operator may need to shut down an excavator or wheel loader immediately until a critical issue can be fixed. Some simple issues can be addressed by the operator at the jobsite, meaning your machine has little or no downtime and customers can stay on schedule.


Q: What else do Smart X-Care subscribers receive?

A: For each Doosan machine subscribed to the Smart X-Care service, Doosan will send owners a machine utilization report. The report provides owners with such details as machine utilization and fuel consumption. Recommendations for how to improve fuel efficiency and reduce machine wear may be included. The report will also indicate upcoming machine maintenance needs.

Dealers will have access to the machine reports as well. A dealer’s service department can identify upcoming machine maintenance and contact you to schedule a convenient day and time to perform the service and minimize any schedule disruptions.

We are hoping to help our customers get ahead of issues and avoid unexpected machine downtime on their jobsites. If a company needs fleet management assistance, the Smart X-Care service provides a heavy equipment monitoring solution.


Q: What does the Smart X-Care service cost?

A: Doosan customers will pay a $19.99 monthly fee per machine for the subscription service. We offer four Smart X-Care service plans to best meet our customers’ needs. Information about these plans is available on our website.

Customers can take advantage of a special trial for six free months of Smart X-Care service when they buy a new Doosan machine.

We believe that if our customers try the service for six months, they will be convinced to continue the Doosan headquarters machine monitoring service and keep their Doosan equipment running smoothly.


Learn More

Visit the Smart X-Care page to learn more about the heavy equipment monitoring system and how to take advantage of six free months of Smart X-Care service.

We are hoping to help our customers get ahead of issues and avoid unexpected machine downtime on their jobsites. If a company needs fleet management assistance, the Smart X-Care service provides a heavy equipment monitoring solution. "
Stojan Arezina, Telematics Manager, Doosan Infracore North America.