• 9/1/2020
  • By Doosan Infracore North America LLC

The future of construction lies in automation. Picture AI-powered equipment scanning a jobsite and performing applications without an operator even aboard.

But until automated solutions like Concept-X from Doosan arrive, you can still utilize smart technology to dig more efficiently.

Grade control systems up your operators’ control by preventing their excavators from digging too deeply. Once installed, this computerized system increases efficiency and reduces material costs. And it provides a safer worksite.

How a Grade Control System for Excavators Helps

Grade control systems use design files to ensure your operators dig precise grades for jobs according to the files. They help your operator dig confidently and accurately.

The systems are helpful for producing finished slopes, excavating footings and digging trenches. For example, installing utilities over short distances.

The systems can also prevent the machine from digging too deeply. Need to add more material? No problem. The system can tell operators precisely how much to add back.

How does the system know all this? Grade control systems use satellite systems, GPS and laser technology to help operators stay accurate in real-time.

Let’s make one thing clear: Operators still control the excavator when using grade control systems. An in-cab monitor delivers real-time info showing operators the bucket’s location and the dig depth requirements. Based on the bucket’s tip, operators can also see how far above or below grade they’re working.

Grade control systems remove the need for a grade stake operator to check grades, leaving jobsites safer and less crowded.

How Grade Control Systems Work

There are two types of grade control systems: 2D and 3D. The 2D systems let you work off a single plane — think straight-line trenches, point A to point B. The 3D systems allow variable distances, like a curved trench or line, for more complex projects.

Know which system you need? The next step is to reach out to your local dealer. They’ll work with the grade control system’s manufacturer to install one on your machine.

Ready to up your excavator productivity with a 2D or 3D grade control system? Contact your local Doosan dealer to learn more.


This computerized system increases efficiency, reduces material costs and provides a safer worksite.