• 3/17/2020
  • By Doosan Infracore North America LLC
A heavy equipment repair shop with a Doosan DX300LC excavator in the foreground with its engine compartment open.

Finding the best equipment service for your fleet is an important task that can involve many criteria.

The first step is finding a local dealer (You can use our Find a Doosan® Construction Equipment Dealer tool to find Doosan dealers). Service techs at the local dealership will likely have the most experience working on your brand of equipment and the best access to manufacturer parts.

Next, check out the shop in-person. Stop in and ask if you can take a look. If they want your business, they should welcome you. During your on-site visit, here are three tips for what to look for:

Tip No. 1: Check the floors and lighting.

A clean floor is a good indicator of a well-run shop. Check the wash bays for dirt, oil, hydraulic fluid and other materials. If the floors are covered, you can safely assume that cleanliness is not a priority for the shop.

Also take a look at the lighting. If it’s dim, then it can be more difficult for technicians to see dirt. A modern shop should be well-lit.

Tip No. 2: Look for gloves.

Many techs don’t like to work with gloves. However, there are times when dirt can transfer from a technician's hands into critical components and cause problems; a common example is when replacing fuel filters.

If you see techs in the shop commonly using disposable gloves, it’s a good indicator they’re being careful about contaminants entering your machine.

Tip No. 3: See how fluids are stored.

Like filters, improperly stored and handled fluids can introduce contaminants into your machine.

Look for a dedicated fluid containment area for engine oil and hydraulic oil, with an equipped filtration system. Do the storage tanks look clean? If you’re concerned, ask if the shop keeps a storage tank maintenance log, and if you can see it.

Find a dealer who makes you a priority

Once you’ve found a shop, don’t feel like you’re locked into working with them forever. You should expect respect, honesty and helpful customer service from your dealer. If you are looking for a dealer who will provide you a better level of service, find a Doosan dealer today.