• 9/1/2021
  • By Doosan Infracore North America LLC
Doosan dealers have access to online and in-person resources to help properly train their field service technicians.

There are two significant challenges facing dealers today: a shortage of technicians to work on construction equipment and retention. Ben Rodriguez began as an Air Force mechanic in 1991. There was already a tech shortage then, he says, and the shortage has grown worse.

Today, Ben is the dealer and service training manager for Doosan Infracore North America. Here he shares his insights on how Doosan dealers make sure they are growing their number of techs and sharpen them with industry-leading training to handle whatever the job throws your machines’ way.

Q: How is Doosan helping dealers work on these challenges of recruiting and retaining technicians?

We work with our North American dealers to help promote careers in service, such as a technician for diesel-powered construction equipment. We also help our dealers retain their service technicians through an employee learning and recognition program. We all recognize that dealer service technicians play a vital role at the dealership. We want to recognize them for their service training accomplishments.


Service technicians receive in-person and online training so they know how to correctly maintain heavy construction equipment.

Q: How do you help Doosan dealers train their service departments to best serve customers?

We provide a comprehensive training program that combines web-based and face-to-face training. Along with the training, we give dealer managers and supervisors visibility to each of their employee’s training progress through our Service Learning Path and Parts Learning Path, a series of online courses designed to help parts specialists.

Q: How do you make sure every dealership’s technician can access all the training they need?

Our goal is to provide Doosan dealers with a training program that is obtainable by all technicians at a lower cost. To do this, we’re combining product training courses to reduce the number of classes a technician needs to attend in person. We’re also increasing the number of courses we offer through Doosan University, our online learning system. These improvements to our training program will be noticeable on the new -7 Series machines.


Whether in the field or the shop, service technicians receive training to service and maintain Doosan products.

Q: How does Doosan measure or evaluate service departments to ensure they’re up to speed?

We use two tools to measure training participation: the Dealer Service Review and the Doosan Dealer Scorecard. One of our training goals is for our customers and dealers to notice that field technicians are able to more effectively service, maintain, troubleshoot and repair Doosan equipment. Dealers are scored on the amount of participation for their technicians in both web-based training and face-to-face instructor-led training.

If you know of someone who may have an interest in becoming a service technician, encourage them to contact a local dealer. And if you are a dealer looking for technician candidates, check your local community college or vocational trade school.


“Our goal is to provide Doosan dealers with a technician training program that is obtainable by all technicians at a lower cost.”
Ben Rodriguez, Dealer and Service Training Manager, Doosan Infracore North America