• 12/1/2020

You need to fill trucks in your aggregate supply, quarry or mine more precisely and with fewer passes. Enter the Trimble LOADRITE™ L3180 SmartScale — an option now available for Doosan® wheel loaders

The Trimble LOADRITE SmartScale can improve efficiency for any company that has constant truck loading occurring throughout the day.

Onboard sensors in the hydraulic system weigh the load in the wheel loader bucket. The sensors tell your operators exactly how much material they are carrying on a touch-screen display in the cab.

The Trimble LOADRITE system tracks the payload dumped into each truck. Your operators can see exactly how much room is left for the truck to be at full capacity, without overloading it.

After your operators fill the truck, they press a button to indicate the start of a new load, and the truck capacity zeroes out.

Set KPIs and Measure Wheel Loader Productivity

Using Trimble’s cloud-based InsightHQ reporting portal, you can gain access to site production and operator performance KPIs (key performance indicators) on desktop or mobile devices. The reports can show you data that includes the tons per hour, total tonnage and number of trucks each of your operators has loaded.

You can put this data to use immediately with onboard KPIs for your operators to hit. Throughout the day, your operators can see on the in-cab screen if they are hitting their personal efficiency targets. It makes it very simple for you to see which operators are your highest performers and who may need more training.

The Trimble LOADRITE L3180 SmartScale is available now as an option from Doosan equipment dealers across North America.  

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