Component Analysis
Doosan Component Analysis
Avoid repairs
Avoid expensive repairs and downtime with the Doosan Component Analysis Program. Through simple, periodic fluid analyses, we can check for metal particles and contaminants to measure performance, interpret trends of components, and reveal mechanical problems. We can do it on any piece of equipment you operate-even if it's not a Doosan® machine. Now that's service.
Use Doosan Component Analysis to:
  • Extend equipment life and reduce owning and operating costs
  • Component conditions and lubrication data allow you to fix minor repairs now to prevent major ones later
  • Enhance resale/trade-in value
  • Reduce undetected and preventable machine failures
  • Monitor your entire fleet
Easy to Sign Up, Easy to Use
Simply talk to your local authorized Doosan Dealer about signing up for this valuable program. Monitor your equipment, send in the data and receive crucial machine information. The Doosan Component Analysis Program™ (DCAP) is another important part of the Doosan Protection Plus® program. Participate in the DCAP program and add an additional layer of support to all your equipment.

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