• 7/6/2021
  • By Doosan Infracore North America LLC

Construction equipment telematics is becoming easier to use. Still, many equipment owners have not yet taken advantage of the cost savings that can come from using the machine telematics already built into their equipment.

Get started with telematics by talking to your equipment dealer. They can help you set up your system and begin with simple tasks, like tracking the location of your machines. As you get more comfortable using telematics, you’ll find new uses for it. Here are three common ways telematics can save your construction company money.

Machine Telematics Help Stop Theft

Telematics can help prevent machine theft and minimize unauthorized operation.

Some ways telematics can help prevent machine theft include:

  1. Construction Equipment Tracking: With telematics, a quick glance at a phone or computer can tell you where your machines are.
  2. Operation Alerts: Your dealer can help you set up most telematics programs to send you text messages or even a phone call if your machine is turned on or moved during the night or on a weekend.
  3. Virtual Fences: Using your computer, you can draw a line around your jobsite. If your machine is moved outside that line, it will turn off and not turn back on.

Plan Maintenance and Limit Downtime on Service Calls

Staying on top of maintenance is a time-tested way to reduce downtime-related expenses, and machine telematics simplifies tracking maintenance schedules. Using construction equipment telematics, you can see the operating hours of your machines without needing to be in the cab. You can receive text or email reminders when preventive maintenance is due.

Telematics is also helpful when your machine trips a fault code. The system can immediately tell you, and your dealer, what the issue is.

Sometimes a quick phone call with your dealer can resolve the fault code without needing a service technician. If field service is necessary, telematics helps the technician be better prepared to solve the problem when they arrive at your jobsite. This helps keep your downtime as short as possible.

Manage Your Fleet Utilization and Make Smart Bids

Telematics platforms can produce reports to help you decide when to add or replace machines in your fleet.

Using telematics, you can create reports showing utilization rates for each piece of equipment you own. You can also monitor fuel consumption trends, maintenance history and the frequency of fault codes.

In addition, you can see how many hours your machines were utilized and how much fuel your machines consumed on a particular job. You can use that information to help create more accurate bids for similar jobs.

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