• 10/7/2020
  • By Doosan Infracore North America LLC

Doosan road builders combine the durability and safety features of a log loader with the versatility of a heavy-duty excavator. They are your ideal machine for creating a path through the wilderness when pioneering a new forestry tract.

The new Doosan DX300LL-5 and DX380LL-5 road builders have the undercarriage and upper structure of a Doosan log loader and the boom of a Doosan excavator.

You can choose between a forestry cab or a standard excavator cab — neither of which have a 4-foot riser like a log loader. The ample vertical clearance makes them easier to transport on a trailer.

High And Wide Undercarriage

Doosan makes road builder undercarriages for challenging terrain.

  • Clearance is high enough to traverse over stumps and branches.
  • Tracks have double grouser shoes and full-length rock guards.
  • Heavy-duty top rollers and special clean-out brackets reduce the risk of downtime.

Power For Pulling Stumps Like A Heavy-Duty Excavator

Doosan road builders have a standard excavator arm (not a log loader boom), so you can outfit them with a traditional Doosan excavator attachment. When equipped with a heavy-duty bucket and a thumb, these machines are ideal for pulling stumps and rough-grading a forestry road.

Safe And Comfortable Cabs

Our road builders are available with either a standard excavator cab or a side-entry forestry cab.

The forestry cab is certified for Oregon OSHA and British Columbia WCB standards. The cab has a guarded polycarbonate front window, polycarbonate side and rear windows and a rear secondary exit.

Both cabs are comfortable, spacious and thoughtfully designed. They have high-performing air conditioning and heat, and an adjustable air suspension seat with lumbar support.

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