• 10/1/2021
  • By Doosan Infracore North America LLC

When was the last time you researched all the options available when buying construction equipment? You’ll find that a lot has changed during the past 10 to 15 years.

Today, manufacturers offer a variety of options for heavy construction equipment —, including wheel loaders and excavators — that allow you to select the best features that are best for the type of work you do. These options are intended to increase your productivity, as well as help enhance operator comfort and satisfaction.

Your company may gain a competitive edge by investing in one or more options for your earthmoving machines. Here are a few of the often overlooked construction equipment options available today.


Onboard Weighing Systems

An onboard scale for your wheel loader can help you do your work more precisely to improve your overall productivity. The weighing systems collect data from sensors for accurate and precise reporting to your operator. A touch screen display inside the cab provides details about material weight in the bucket. This feature can help prevent underloading the wheel loader or overloading trucks with material.

An onboard weighing system can help operators improve their accuracy when loading material in trucks.

Grade Control Systems

Consider adding a grade control system to your excavator for more accurate and faster trenching projects. You can choose between 2D and 3D systems to best match your line of work. Some systems include automation that controls parts like the excavator boom and bucket during operation.

Sensors on the excavator workgroup assist with grade control systems.

Machine Guarding

If you work in harsh environments like demolition and need extra uptime protection, you may be interested in additional machine guarding. Visit with your dealer about a package or individual accessories that help protect key machine components from potential damage.

A rear fender option provides increased wheel loader uptime protection.

Quick Couplers

Available for excavators and wheel loaders, quick couplers allow faster attachment changes. You or your operator can make non-hydraulic attachment changes without leaving the cab. For example, switching between a wheel loader bucket and a pallet fork.

Quick couplers can save operators valuable time when they’re changing wheel loader attachments.

Additional Lighting and Beacons

If you regularly work at night or switch from construction jobs to snow removal in winter, you may want to invest in additional machine lighting or lamps and a rotating beacon. These options can help improve operator visibility when working in low-light situations.

Contact your local equipment dealer to learn more about the availability of these and other options for your machines. Some of these options can be installed on your machine at the Doosan customization plant in Georgia and delivered to your dealer ready for work.

Additional wheel loader lighting is available for use in low-light applications such as working at night.
Your company may gain a competitive edge by buying one or more options for your earthmoving machines.