• 8/6/2019

When you see Doosan orange, you can expect high-performing, productive and reliable machines. Now you can get that same quality in a smaller footprint with the addition of three new mini excavator models: the Doosan DX35-5, DX42-5 and DX50-5.

Crews that need a 3.5-, 4- or 5-ton mini excavator can now purchase, lease or rent these machines from their local Doosan dealer. The new models join the existing DX63-3 and DX85R-3 mini excavator models to offer you a wider range of Doosan excavators – from 3.5 to 50 tons.


The new Tier 4-compliant DX35-5 is now the smallest Doosan mini excavator available. This 3-ton class excavator is designed with zero tail swing, which makes it an ideal machine for operating on congested jobsites and working next to other objects. A dual flange track roller system gives the machine greater over-the-side digging capacity, exceptional slewing and a smooth, comfortable ride. A roomy cab adds to operator comfort, and tall, wide windows provide the operator with excellent visibility for enhanced productivity and safety.


The conventional tail swing, Tier 4-compliant DX42-5 has strong bucket breakout force, dig depth and reach in a highly maneuverable excavator in the 4- to 5-ton class. Its relatively narrow width for a machine in its class provides operators greater ability to navigate through doorways and gates and around other obstacles.

A vision for turnkey excavation

The 4- to 5-ton size class, Tier 4-compliant DX50-5 enables customers to operate in tight spaces with superior digging performance. It is a minimal tail swing excavator with less than one inch of tail overhang.

Comfort features

Doosan DX35-5, DX42-5 and DX50-5 mini excavators will be available with enclosed cabs, including heat and air conditioning, or an open canopy configuration. Both configurations allow for excellent all-around visibility, especially to the excavator's attachment.

A standard suspension seat provides all-day comfort for operators, while a strategically positioned deluxe instrument panel provides valuable machine information. A standard keyless start system helps to reduce unauthorized machine use and theft.

Customers can choose a standard arm or long-arm option. The long-arm option gives operators more dig depth and reach and reduces the amount of machine repositioning for enhanced productivity. A blade comes standard with all three new models, and an angle blade is available as a factory option. The angle blade makes it easier for mini excavator operators to perform backfill tasks efficiently and create slopes and swales.

Attachment offering

All three new Doosan mini excavators can be equipped with a quick coupler, bucket and thumb attachment package. Quick couplers allow mini excavator operators to easily change attachments to match the trenching task to the desired bucket width, minimizing over-digging. A thumb is a popular attachment used with a bucket to grab, lift and place items such as debris during site preparation or hardscape materials for a landscaping project.

Operators have access to 17 to 20 gallons per minute of auxiliary hydraulic flow, depending on the model, to provide power to other attachments, such as augers, breakers and plate compactors.

Authorized Doosan dealers are currently accepting customer orders for these new models, and machines are expected to arrive at dealerships in mid-July 2019. Talk to your dealer to learn more information and place an order.