• 9/9/2022
  • By Doosan Infracore North America LLC

A Doosan DD100 dozer pushes topsoil with a blade.

Meet the DD100, the first Doosan® dozer offered in North America. The latest addition to the Doosan construction equipment lineup delivers features equal to or better than any dozer on the market.

The DD100 dozer features more pushing power, superior traction, greater visibility, easier operation, fuel efficiency and advanced technologies to push past the limits of your productivity.


More Precise Fine Grading

You can push more material than with other ground leveling equipment and be more productive with a Doosan DD100 dozer. The machine weighs more than other dozer models in its size class, is powered by a Doosan D34 diesel engine and has higher horsepower (122 hp) than other dozers in its size class. You’ll have more power to the ground and superior tractive effort from the DD100.

A six-way power-tilt dozer blade allows for precise dozer grading. You can adjust the position of the blade in up to six different angles and to the left or to the right. The blade pitch is also adjustable from 54 to 58 degrees.

For smooth back grading or fine finishing, select the dozer’s blade float function. The dozer blade moves up and down, following the contours of the ground, which is ideal for fine grading work.

As an added convenience, you can press a blade shake button to activate a shaking motion and quickly remove dirt or other materials stuck to the dozer blade.

For light grading conditions, select the ECO mode to reduce daily fuel consumption up to 5% without sacrificing grading performance.


Superior Operator Visibility


When you’re leveling dirt or pushing material, you’ll have excellent visibility from inside the Doosan dozer cab. This is because Doosan made operator visibility a top priority when designing the machine.

The narrower design of the Doosan dozer makes it easier for you to see the dozer blade and your work. An inline precleaner is hidden under the dozer’s hood, and the machine’s electronic cooling system is installed in the back of the dozer to further improve front visibility. In addition, the cab’s front pillars are minimized to provide maximum glass area. All-glass doors give you a full view of the working environment.

“The Doosan DD100 dozer offers the best visibility to the blade,” says Moo Young Park, engineering manager, Doosan Infracore North America. “You can be confident when you’re grading dirt or pushing material because the DD100 has unbeatable visibility from the operator’s point of view.”

While an optional feature on other dozer brands, a rearview camera comes standard on Doosan dozers. When you’re operating in reverse, the rear view is displayed on the LCD screen inside the cab.

When you’re working early in the morning or late at night, the machine’s four high-illumination LED lights will enhance your visibility. Two additional LED lights are available as an option for increased lighting in low-light conditions.


Innovative Technologies Boost Productivity

You can achieve greater precision with options available for the new Doosan DD100 dozer. These include 2D and 3D grading technologies that help even novice operators work more productively.

Choose the 2D grading system as a factory-installed option for your Doosan dozer. You or your operator program the needed inputs, and the machine controls blade functions. You can finish your job faster with better accuracy: no GPS or lasers required.

Step up from the 2D grading system to a 3D machine guidance and 3D machine control option, available through a partnership with Trimble. A second monitor is installed in your dozer cab. All mounting brackets are designed into the dozer and are bolt-on ready.

Reduce your inputs by up to 80% with the 3D system by activating automatic blade movements based on GPS coordinates. Meet the critical elevation and slope specifications required for a variety of fine grading tasks.


Durability To Help Lower Total Cost of Ownership

The tracked undercarriage of a Doosan DD100 dozer.

You can operate the DD100 dozer with confidence knowing the machine has a rugged undercarriage system: developed and thoroughly tested to help lower the total cost of ownership.

The design includes both single- and dual-flange rollers for improved durability and long life. The dozer’s undercarriage is sealed and lubricated, and you can easily add more grease to the tension system by removing a side panel on the undercarriage.

Choose from several track guard options to best suit your needs. A general-purpose option and full guard option are available to fit your jobsite conditions.

Various track shoe options are available to help distribute the load to the ground, based on jobsite conditions. Thinner tracks are popular in rugged, rocky environments. A low-ground pressure option is best for sandy soil conditions.


Operator Comfort

The enclosed cab, operator seat and joystick controls of a Doosan DD100 dozer.

Your operators won’t miss a beat when they move from another Doosan machine to a Doosan dozer. The dozer cab layout and controls are similar or the same as other Doosan machines. And the Doosan dozer was designed to meet the needs of operators of every skill level. Electrohydraulic control is standard, making the machine easier to operate — even for inexperienced crew members.

An ergonomically designed joystick offers low-effort control to minimize your fatigue. You can easily adjust the armrest up or down to a position that’s most comfortable for you.

Regardless of the weather outside, you’ll stay comfortable inside the dozer cab. You can manually control the temperature and air volume of the air conditioning or heating. Multiple air vents in the front, rear and floor areas are positioned to keep the cab at optimal temperatures. Front and door glass defrost vents help improve visibility in cold-weather situations.

The cab’s suspension system dampens vibrations and provides outstanding protection against impact. This system absorbs shocks and vibrations much more effectively than a conventional silent block suspension system.


Fleet Telematics

The DoosanCONNECT Telematics system app on a smartphone.

Know where your Doosan dozer is and the health of the machine with the standard DoosanCONNECT Telematics system. You can remotely monitor and maintain your machine with the fleet telematics tool.

Access the telematics data from a user-friendly mobile app or a website. You can track machine usage and maintenance and receive notifications when the dozer has an error or needs to be serviced.

Get more information and specs on the DD100, or contact your dealer for more information.

The Doosan DD100 dozer offers the best visibility to the blade. You can be confident when you’re grading dirt or pushing material because the DD100 has unbeatable visibility from the operator’s point of view.”
Moo Young Park, Engineering Manager, Doosan Infracore North America