• 7/9/2020
  • By Doosan Infracore North America LLC
A Doosan DL580-5 wheel loader loads material into a truck at the Doosan ROC Training & Operation Center in Arizona.

Doosan construction equipment is getting larger. Find out why our newest and biggest machines are ready to meet growing customer needs and applications.

Bigger isn’t necessarily better — except when it is. As heavy equipment companies increasingly need to move more materials more often, Doosan is responding with three of its biggest machines yet to dig, lift and haul on vast jobsites.

These three machines — all set to debut by 2021 — provide maximum productivity when teamed up for demanding mining jobs. Think aggregate sites: The DX800LC-7 crawler excavator removes overburden and the DL580-5 wheel loader fills the aggregate into an articulated dump truck. That truck, the DA45-5, offers a smooth getaway until the materials are dumped at their destination. And repeat again and again, day in and day out.

It’s those repeated tasks that often benefit most from larger equipment: When you need to move mountains, productivity metrics shift to material moved per hour or per day. This is where the DL580-5, DA45-5 and DX800LC-7 shine. All three machines are tailor-made to work in tandem in quarries, mines and large construction projects to move more material in less time. Each machine also works well on its own, depending on the needs of the worksite.

Here’s a look at how each machine packs big-time productivity.

A Doosan DL580-5 wheel loader loads material into a Doosan ADT at the Doosan ROC Training & Operation Center in Arizona.

DL580-5: It Just Takes Two

The true efficiency test for any wheel loader is the two-pass fill: A loader should leave a 24-ton, over-the-road truck as close to max capacity as possible. The DL580-5 offers that efficiency and then some, adding a more robust lift arm and lift cylinder geometry that work together to improve lifting capacity and performance. The DL580-5 also utilizes a large volume steering pump and large steering cylinders, a robust counterweight and heavy-duty, cooled axles to improve steering, braking and handling when loading trucks day in and day out.

A Doosan DA45-5 articulated dump truck rides through the Doosan ROC Training & Operation Center in Arizona.

DA45-5: More Payload, Smoother Ride

The articulated dump truck (ADT) is no stranger to mine and quarry work. But the DA45-5 brings more to the pit with increased payload to 45 short tons. The truck features an external traffic light indicator that alerts loading operators when the truck’s near max payload, enabling spot-on productivity. And the free-swinging, rear-tandem bogie brings smooth handling and traction even on soft, uneven soil.

A Doosan DX800LC-7 crawler excavator works at the Doosan ROC Training & Operation Center in Arizona.

Coming Soon: DX800LC-7 — Make Light Work of Overburden

With a state-of-the-art hydraulic system and mass-excavation boom, the forthcoming DX800LC-7 will launch in late 2020 ready to tackle large construction and mining jobs. With a standard 6.1 cubic yard bucket, it can move overburden and unload mounds of material into trucks at processing sites. The DX800LC-7 is also suited for equally large infrastructure jobs where large amounts of dirt needs to be dug, piled or loaded. When it’s time to move the machine to a new site, an optional hydraulically removable counterweight eases transportation requirements.

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